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December 2020

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It has been quiet on the website for a long time. Fortunately, education has partly started again in Kenya and new students have also been included in the program.

New in our program is Monicah W. Monicah passed the high school final exam in February 2020. She started her study Community Development and Environment in November. We immediately bought a computer for her because the study is mainly online at the moment.

We have also included Patrick in our program. Due to a lack of money, he was unable to continue high school after the first year. Thanks to Kids to School, he will be able to go to 2nd class in early 2021.

Pauline is also new in our program. Pauline graduated from high school in February 2020. She will start her Bachelor of Commerce studies at Kenyatta University.April 2020

April 2020

It’s a strange time and schools around the world are closed. That also means that the kids who are sponsored by Kids to School are mostly sitting at home now. A few try to finish their studies and therefore continued to live in the city where he/she studies. We all hope this time doesn’t last too long.

December 2019

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December 2018

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November 2018

26th of November Morine has received her diploma in nursing. Kids to School wishes her success.


Oktober 2018

Irene Saito has received her diploma . She passed with very good results.

Kids to School wishes her success.

July 2018

It goes well with Kids to School. Three students have completed their training and are now looking for a job, doing a practical internship or waiting for the official graduation. Thanks to your continuous help we are able to include new students in our program.

Meryshel Gianan graduated and is now looking for a job. We are looking for a new student in the Philippines. We have three applications. We still have to decide who we will sponsor.

Irene Saito completed her studies and will officially graduate in October. Lilian Akinyi is currently doing an internship at Coast Province General Hospital in Kisumu. She graduates in 2019.

Seven Kenyan students have submitted an application. We can include five new students in our program. Our a choice is based on their needs, school performance and total costs.

 The following students are included in our program:

 Mercy Njeri Mwangi. Mercy is in form 2 of the high school. Due to lack of money she had to leave school. Thanks to Kids to School she can continue.

Faith Mutoni gets the chance to continue her bachelor study in Pharmacy. She is in her first year. The study lasts for 5 years.

In September 2018 we start the sponsorship of Okinyi Petronillah Aril. Petronillah completed high school in December 2017. She wants to become a secretary. She is looking for the right school.

Lydia Awino completed primary school in December 2017. Thanks to Kids to School she can start high school in January 2019.

Rose Wambui Maina gets the chance to complete her study interior designe. She hopefully gets her certificate in August and starts her studies for a degree in September.

Further information about our new students can soon be read on the website in the Current Students section.

 April 2018

Cum laude for Meryshel Gianan
In April Meryshel Gianan her study cum laude. She is now a bachelor in  Business Administration. We wish Merushel all the best. Well done Meryshell. Good luck.


January 2018

We have a new student in Tanzania: Anna Abdalla Athumani. Our sponsors To and René Tasseron met Anna at their trip in Tanzania. Anna is at the last class of the primary school and without money she had to leave school. She has no parents and her grandmother cannot afford to send her to school.

December 2017

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December 2017

In December, Jenny Salavante also passed the state exam for teacher. This means that she now officially can find a job and work as an English teacher.

Lilian Akinyl passed the national exam for clinical officer. In January she can start her clinical internship.

November 2017

José and Ans have made an inspiring trip to Kenya. During this trip we held our annual students day. Seven students and 4 alumni attended the students day. Unfortunately, 3 students were unable to attend.Two highly inspiring guests: Nancy Waweru and Everlyn Wasika informed us, in a very interesting way, how they had made their career.

José and Ans were able to visit the families of 3 of our new students.

All participants of the student’s day.

The students


October 201

On October 14, Lilian Akilnyl received her degree in Clinical Medical Surgery and Community Health at Kenyan Methodist University in Meru. Her mentor Andrew was present at the graduation ceremony. Lilian congratulations.


Lilian will soon start her one year internship and with that she will finish her study. Lilian, we wish you a lot of success.

Augustus 2017

It goes well with Kids to School. New donations allow us to include new students into our program. In December 2016 we agreed after discussion with the Local Advisory Counsil that we will include a number of boys into our program.

Meryshel Gianan is our new student from the Philippines. Since July 2017, Kids to School sponsors her. Therefore she can complete her last year of her studies: Bachelor of Business Administration, Major in Financial Management. Good luck Meryshel.

From September 2017 on, Julian Whataki Ghitau and Elija Mpasoi Kindi are included in our program. Both boys are in form one of the high school. We are glad that we can give these boys the opportunity to become educated. Welcome Julian and Elija in our group.

In January 2018, Vivian Metiene starts high school. Welcome Vivian in our group.

Further information about these students can be read in the section current students.

March 2017

Cum laude for Jenny Salavante
The end of March Jenny Salavante finished her study cum laude. She is now a bachelor in  Elementary Education with specialization in General Education. We wish Jenny all the best. Well done Jenny.